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File Preparation

You have a number of options when preparing your files for Jenson Print. You can build your own file using one of the recommended Graphic applications or for a small fee you can work with our design team to create your artwork. We have created .jpg templates for each of our products that can be downloaded and placed into your graphics program as a guide. These templates indicate the finished trim size along with the bleed and safety areas. After building your artwork op top of the template, the template should be deleted. The template is only to show the Trim, Bleed and Safety areas and is not needed as long as you follow those guidelines when building your art files. The following topics should be taken into consideration when creating your artwork.

File Resolution

Color Mode

File Prep for Bleeds,Trim line and Safety

File Prep for Borders


Design Applications

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

Quark Xpress

Adobe Pagemaker